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G. S. M.D.    58 yrs old

If you are reading this you probably have used a variety of skin products that claimed to keep your skin healthy and younger looking and just like me have been disappointed time and time again. Well I hope that just like for me your search for the best skin product is over.

I have been a medical doctor for over 30 years and a large part of my practice I devoted to cosmetic medicine. I have used and recommended different skin products to a countless number of patients.The advantage of this product is not only that it is very effective, but it is made from all natural ingredients with no harmful substances (no alcohol, no petroleum, no preservatives). I used it for 6 months and my skin is glowing. I was told that I have fresh, younger looking skin and I hope that you will too. 

S.P.  43 yrs old

Being told It would be a month or so to see results, I was extremely surprised when less than two weeks in people started asking what I was doing differently because I look refreshed.  I even had someone say I’m glowing.  Can’t wait to see what a month or two in will look like!  Thank you sincerely. 

A. Y.  52 yrs old

 I have no other word to describe your night time formula, but “Wow!” It’s simply amazing. I’m 52 years old, but am routinely told I look like I’m in my early 40s at the worst. I’ve spent thousands of dollars, over the years, on different products, but now only use yours. 

O. V.  75 yrs old

I have been using the Cellagenix  products for the last four years and I love them!  It has made a big difference in the feel and look of my skin.  I have been told by countless people that I have beautiful skin. If and when my age comes up, they have a hard time believing that I am seventy-five years old. I highly recommend this face creme. 

E. K.  38 yrs old

For the past 3 years I’ve been using the Cellagenix Day and Night cremes daily and couldn’t be happier with the results. My skin looks more healthy, moisturized and young. There are a couple of things I particularly like about this product: it is light, gets absorbed quickly and doesn't have a strong smell. I have even used it on my kids when they have rashes or played a bit too long in the sun. The creme had a great calming and soothing effect on their skin.


Thank you and these are the most amazing products! I receive compliments on my skin from friends, family, and random strangers. I feel healthy and enjoy the ease of products that don't make me feel greasy, heavy, or break out! I am a loyal consumer that is eager to share my story on the difference this has made in enjoying the aging process gracefully. 

A. K  66 yrs old

I live in Alaska and frequently have dry skin. A friend of mine recently told me to try Celllagenix products. I have been using the Night Creme and have seen the redness around eyes has mostly gone away, and fine lines on my face are getting smaller. I have only used this creme for 2 weeks but am really happy with the results. The creme is really smooth and lovely. I've decided to continue to use this product, and I think you should try it too.

C.H.W. 46 yrs old

I really enjoy this cream especially for its moisturizing effect.  Knowing it’s all natural ingredients makes me confident and  safe.  I love the light fragrance and it’s just right for me!

A.M.  37 yrs old

My friend recommended that I try these serums. I really liked how quickly they absorbed into my skin, they felt great all day! However I don't love  the smell of the serums. The smell was very natural and I prefer products with more sweet fragrances. If it had a more of a pronounced, sweeter smell, I would definitely buy it again.

A. M.  27 yrs old

First and most importantly- the EGF serum with Peptides is effective! I really love that the scent is neutral, so my boyfriend wanted to try it too. After double washing, I used 2 drops of the serum per zone of the face, and followed up with the day creme as well as a generic squalane oil and eye creme. I found my skin practically begging for more! By week two I noticed a visible difference in my skin's luminosity... and for someone who obsesses over their skin and has tried just about everything at Sephora, that's HUGE. I haven't seen results like this without paying easily twice what it's worth! I adore that the product abides by EU Standards, so it's free from needlessly harmful ingredients. This is quite literally all good stuff your skin wants in the perfect ratio, wrapped into one serum! 


The Day-Creme is a new favorite secret weapon of mine for super dry skin! This deeply nourishing creme is ideal for giving your skin some long lasting love. I use it all around chapped areas, and zones of my face prone to dry skin. The scent is very neutral and clean, and the pump bottle is easy to use! I like that the creme is packed with vitamin C., that's the number one ingredient I look for in a moisturizer! I highly recommend this for anyone who is prone to dry skin!

L. A.    26 yrs old

I lift weights often and I occasionally tear my calluses. I was shocked at how much the creme helped. It quickly heals the skin and leaves it healthier than it was before. I typically don’t use cremes. My wife uses the whole product line and raves about it too. I would recommend this cream to anyone.

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