Directions for use: Apply to clean skin. Evenly apply 2-5 drops of serum to your face. For best results use nightly and seal with night cream.

EGF Serum with Peptides

SKU: 0005
  • This deluxe serum is formulated to be a restoring collagen powerhouse. Packed with DermaPeptide and Epidermal Growth Factor, it can improve the appearance of the skin by creating more elastic, plump, and youthful skin. Ceramides are added to restore moisture to the skin and protect it from the elements. Sea Silt fermented Extract will prime your skin with plentiful nutrients isolated from seawater and will increase aquaporin expression.  Aquaporins are the channel proteins that form pores in the membrane of cells, facilitating water transport to areas where it is needed most, optimizing hydration. Combined with the healing power of Vitamin K, this serum is sure to leave you with restored and firm skin. 

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