We believe that high quality natural ingredients make the most potent and effective products.

Cellagenix Skincare is comprised of innovators, scientists, medical doctors, and paradigm shifters. We are constantly questioning the status quo and asking ourselves “how can we make more effective products?”

Healthy-looking skin starts with products that are formulated with clean, effective ingredients that are results-driven essentials that hydrate, refresh, and rejuvenate.

What is clean skincare?  Clean Skincare is defined by products that are mindfully created and produced without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Clean Skincare products include ingredients and containers ethically sourced and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind. 

Our products renew your cells using biofermented micronutrients made in American and European labs. Biofermentation is the process that transforms raw ingredients into their most bio-active form which the skin can utilize. We also use liposomal delivery to insure your skin can absorb the nutrients.

Our promise is to never use petroleum, alcohol, or any harsh preservatives. We only use the most natural, pure, toxin-free ingredients and natural preservatives. Our products  are designed to repair and rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level. Try our products and bring on more supple, rejuvenated and healthier skin.

Why We Do What We Do

Cellagenix Skincare started because we wanted our loved ones to have pure, chemical free skincare products that make the skin look healthier and younger. We spent decades watching our friends and family spend hundreds of dollars on skincare products that didn’t seem to work. That lead us to years of research, innovation, and experimentation to find a natural solution to aging skin. We believe that we have found one.

Why Our Products Work

Before we started making on our own products, we did extensive research on the skincare industry. What we found was astonishing: a majority of skincare products that claim to be good for the skin are packed with harmful ingredients. The few ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are added in minuscule quantities without cell penetrating abilities. As a result, these products don’t have a serious impact on slowing skin aging or enhancing skin health. While these products can provide the appearance of smoothing out wrinkles, they are not able to penetrate the deeper layers of skin. As a result, they are not truly effective in producing younger, healthier skin.


Our key finding was that in order for skincare products to be effective in reducing signs of aging, they must contain proper nutrients that are delivered to the skin cells through liposomes or aquaporin channels. Liposomes and aquaporin channels are molecules that transport water and oil soluble materials to the cells. They are needed to penetrate the cell membrane and deliver vitamins and minerals to the cells. With the correct delivery method and ingredients, it is possible to slow down the shortening of our telomeres and reduce the signs of aging skin.

The Science

When trying to understand the science of anti-aging skin, it is important to understand what telomeres are and how they work. Telomeres are the ends of your chromosomes that control aging. Throughout your life your cells divide which results in shorter telomeres and consequently older age. An older person with longer telomeres can have younger looking skin, because the telomeres signal to the cells that they are still young. Therefore, by slowing the shortening of telomeres, your body can produce younger cells. This finding was revolutionary; it won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009.


Now that we have established how it is possible to create younger looking and feeling skin, lets explore what types of ingredients can activate telomerase (the enzyme that slows the shortening of telomeres). An important thing to note is that even the right ingredients won’t slow down telomere shortening as effectively if they cannot be easily metabolized by the cells. Furthermore, raw ingredients will not be as effective because they cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. What sets our ingredients apart is they are delivered in liposomes and are bio-fermented. Biofermentation is the process that transforms raw ingredients into their most bio-active form which the skin can utilize. Because the raw ingredients are broken down, the molecules are smaller which makes it easier for the skin cells to absorb the nutrients.


Cellagenix's biofermented ingredients are top quality ingredients produced in American and European Labs. Our ingredients are fermented with Lactobacillus and Live Yeast Cultures, making them full of bioactive minerals, peptides, enzymes and vitamins. We found that Biofermented ingredients are not only easier for the skin cells to absorb, but also more concentrated, potent, and nutrient dense than the same ingredients in their raw form. Biofermentation is the secret to our effective products: feed your skin with the proper nutrients, and watch the aging signs diminish.

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